Applicants will need to meet certain qualification before applying for the Y-PIF Award. The applicant and project criteria are:

  • You are in grades 5-12
  • Your project or service has made a positive impact on your community
  • Your project or service took place in Michigan
  • Your project is charitable in nature (it focused on serving the public interest or common good)
  • Your project is NOT religious or political in nature and is NOT part of a service organization’s requirement for a badge, etc. (e.g., Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts)

In the following application, you will be asked to fill out a series of fields. You will need to completely fill in the entire application before you can submit. You will not be able to partially complete this application, save your progress and return to complete it later. If you close your browser during the application process, you will need to start again from the beginning. Please gather all the information/files you need prior to beginning your online application form. You will be asked to provide the following information as part of the application:

Contact Information

  • First and Last Names of Applicant and Main Person of Contact
  • Email and Postal addresses
  • Phone Number(s)

Project Details

  • Detailed Description (Who, What, How) of Community Impact
  • Why your project should win the Y-PIF Award
  • Name and details of your charity of choice

Application Checklist

Acknowledge Qualifications and Guidelines

Document/file uploads

Consent/Media release Form with signature

Images (2-3 pictures) that represent you and your in-kind project

YouTube link for your video submission

You can also download this PDF version of the application and submit it, with supporting documents, by emailing

In-kind Activity/Project Title: *
Parent/Guardian/Main Contact Person: *
Applicant's First and Last Name: *
Age Category: *
Address: *
Home Phone: *
Mobile Phone: *
E-mail: *
Preferred Method of Contact *
Charity of Choice:
Detailed Description of Project (Who, What, How) and Community Impact: *
Why should your project win the Y-PIF Award? *
Please upload your completed and signed Consent/Media Release Form(s) and 2-3 images that highlight your activity/project:
Upload Consent Form: *
Upload Activity/Project Images: *
Please provide YouTube link for your video submission:
*Please see contest guidelines for more detailed information about video submission.