2016 Y-PIF Award.

We had some wonderful nominees for the 2016 Y-PIF award and thanks to the financial support of ePIFanyNow™sponsor, MSUFCU, we were able to award four recipients with prizes totaling $1,500 to go towards their inspirational projects. It’s not too early to start thinking about the 2017 Y-PIF awards. Encourage youth to pass kindness forward and consider nominating someone next year.

Suitcases for Kids

Capital Area Humane Society Teen Volunteer

Jeremie’s Police Thank You Party

Alzheimers Association Kids Walk

Grades 5 – 8
Skylar Medes
Grades 9 – 12
Rachel Kilmer
Grades 5 – 8
Jeremie Bordua
Grades 5 – 8
Sebastian Williams
Skylar Medes image Rachel Kilmer photo-1 Jeremie Bordua Sebastian Williams image
Skylar Medes and her family have been a foster home to ten children over the past fouryears. She noticed that only one of those ten children came with a suitcase and decidedto do something about it. Skylar started collecting gently used clothing for LutheranSocial Services and organizing shelving units there to hold the items she donated. Sincestarting her project, she has raised almost $240 and has provided six shelves with a goalto add four more. Her ultimate goal is to make sure that kids in foster care have asuitcase to take with them until they find they forever home. Skylar now has anadditional $718 towards her project after winning the $500 Y-PIF award and raising$218 online during the voting period. Rachel Kilmer has been a teen volunteer at the Capital Area Humane Society for four years. She started as a Training workshop camper and has become a Humane Education Program Counselor, an Animal Behavior Volunteer and even trains new staff. Rachel is described as a leader and role model for younger students with a peaceful nature and huge heart. Her natural canine training abilities and complete dedication to shelter pets makes her an irreplaceable member of the volunteer team. After participating in Y-PIF, Rachel was able to donate $631 to CAHS as she was awarded the $500 award and raised $131 online during voting. Jeremie Bordua gained national attention for his thank you party that he planned for police officers who he thought were being viewed negatively. Jeremie was bullied and wanted to make a difference for the police and let them know they still had people who supported and believed in them. He gave up his birthday money, started a GoFundMe account and raised money by baking 400 dozen cookies. In total, Jeremie raised around $10,000. He partnered with the Lansing school district to plan the party and many vendors donated their services. Several hundred people attended the party and the additional funds not used for the party were donated to the Lansing Police Athletic League, a nonprofit that pairs officers with at-risk youth for sporting activities. Jeremie is currently planning to hold an annual summer cookout for law enforcement. He was awarded a $250 Y-PIF award and raised $58 online. Sebastian Williams has participated in the Lansing Walk to End Alzheimer’s for several years before deciding to put together the first kid-only walk team last year. He recruited, organized and led his team, raising over $500. Sebastian was awarded a $250 Y-PIF award and raised $240 online.

2015 Y-PIF Award.

The ePIFanyNow™ Y-PIF Award honors youth who are passing kindness forward and making a positive contribution to their communities. It is an opportunity for youth to get recognition and added funding for their youth-led activities/projects that provide an in-kind service to others and make a positive contribution to their communities.

Click on the links below to learn more about our 2015 Y-PIF Award Recipients and their projects.

Zebra Zoom

Grades 5-8
Isabelle Wynn & Zoe Ziegler

Zebra Zoom_2

5th graders Isabelle Wynn and Zoe Ziegler from Okemos, Michigan organized a 5K and raised over $1,000 for the LIFE AS A ZEBRA FOUNDATION.

Breanna’s Carnival

Grades 9-12
Rachel Munzenberg

Breannas Carnival

12th grader Rachel Munzenber from South Lyon, Michigan, and friends, raise thousands of dollars for a younger neighbor with Dystonia, a rare neuro-muscular disorder.