ePIFanyNow™ is excited to announce the nominations of the 2017 Y-PIF Award! The ePIFanyNow™ Y-PIF Award honors youth who are passing kindness forward and making a positive contribution to their communities. It is an opportunity for youth to get recognition and added funding for their youth-led activities/projects that provide an in-kind service to others and make a positive contribution to their communities.

Vote for the nomination you like by donating to their cause. The charity the YPIF kids represent will be given all of the funds collected.

Kanin Thelen from Dewitt Elementary School (Grade 5-8)
Kanin Thelen is a dedicated pre-teen vocalist and student in Dewitt. She is using her singing talents to help support the cancer fight of her beloved vocal coach Mr. Gregg Kashenider.  It was her idea to try to help him and she has energized efforts in her community. READ MORE

Operation 1,000 days photo 2Operation 1,000 days photo 3Operation 1,000 days photo 1Operation 1,000 Days
5th GRADERS from Bath Elementary School (Grade 5 – 8)
The fifth grade service learning team at Bath Elementary School is going to supply nonperishable healthy snacks and books to students at Neithercut Elementary School (K-5) in Flint, Michigan. We are trying to reverse the effects of the lead in the students’ blood because their drinking water supply had lead in it. The books will help their brains grow and develop. The healthy snacks will help reverse the effects of the lead that is in their blood. It also helps because for some families healthy eating is not an option. READ MORE

For LeeNORTHWEST HIGH SCHOOL Spreading Kindness in LARGE and Meaningful Ways
Grades 9-12 from Jackson Northwest High School
The Be More Kind Club at Jackson’s Northwest High School has been working to create a more welcoming and friendly environment within our school and community. This group of high school students has been offering students, staff and community members multiple opportunities to show gratitude and kindness. They have encouraged students to write more than 2,000 cards of gratitude, create a thousand sentence strips that were then used to design a 10 foot by 36 foot “Be Kind” display, organized a “surprise” assembly to thank a community member for his support for our students, and much more. They want to continue to offer students, staff, and community members opportunities to show they care. READ MORE