Kanin Thelen is a dedicated pre-teen vocalist and student from Dewitt. Kanin is a very quiet young girl but she has noticed that when she sings she has the ability to lift the spirit of others. After her vocal coach found out he had cancer, Kanin wanted to do something to help. She started collecting cans and bottles but soon had an epiphany of sorts, she thought the best way to honor Mr. Gregg was by song. She takes song request and records a video (or sings in person) from anyone. This is her way of helping a man who has taught her and so many other music students in the Lansing area. She believes that charity starts at home and inside — and has seen firsthand that need is often right in front of you if you only look.

Kanin just found out that a classmate in Dewitt was diagnosed with Leukemia. It was her idea to continue her efforts to help more families. This has really touched her as it is someone her age. Kanin will continue to energize efforts in her community. Kanin will be singing at The Crafted Bean in Dewitt on May 13th at 11:00 am for additional donations. Kanin is asking for your vote so she can help her classmate. Every dollar (vote) that you pledge, will go to Addy. A vote of 1, 5, 10, 20, 100..will help her family a tremendous amount.

Kanin will be singing to the children at Sparrow Hospital in the Children’s Center this Friday. Kanin would like to continue to sing to the children in the hospital every month. I challenge you to do a Random Act of Kindness and share it with Kanin at the ePIFany Now Celebration on Sunday, May 7th. You might just hear her sing.

She is touching many people with her music and her cause. It truly can take a smile or a nice comment to make someones day. Kindness matters.

To see more of what Kanin is doing visit: www.kaninelizabeth.com