There are many ideas in this list, some of which could be done before, during or after an ePIFanyNow™ party. While we are excited about what you will do during one of our events, we also hope you will continue random acts of kindness throughout your life.

Without Money

  1. Exchange a smile with a stranger
  2. Open doors for others
  3. Walk someone’s dog
  4. Offer to return a shopping cart to the store for someone loading the car
  5. Play music or sing for the elderly, whether in their homes or a nursing facility
  6. Compliment a stranger
  7. Visit an elderly person in need of assistance
  8. Offer someone a ride in a safe setting
  9. Let someone go ahead of you in line
  10. Give your leftover dinner to someone living on the street
  11. Send out some positive thoughts and prayers to others
  12. Carry someone’s groceries or load bags of groceries into cars for shoppers
  13. Deliver handmade valentines to your local nursing home
  14. Post items on and pass the things you’re not using anymore on to someone who will
  15. Give another driver your parking spot
  16. Write thank-you notes to hospital volunteers and deliver them to the hospital to be shared anonymously
  17. Give up your seat on the bus
  18. Stop by a nursing home and visit a resident with no family nearby
  19. Offer to bring books from the library for seniors at a nursing home or a home-bound person
  20. Go share some hugs at a nursing home
  21. Set a reminder and randomly e-mail your appreciations
  22. Leave a stack of books you’re done reading at a local coffee shop for customers to read
  23. Leave notes in random pages of library books
  24. Chalk the sidewalks with positive comments
  25. Deliver fresh-baked cookies to emergency services or other municipal workers
  26. Grocery shop for someone who is home-bound
  27. Leave a bouquet of flowers on the desk of a colleague at work with whom you don’t normally get along
  28. Give cookies or treats to janitorial staff at work
  29. Give your mail carrier a special treat in your mailbox
  30. Plant a tree in your neighborhood
  31. Help maintain an elderly neighbor’s yard, house or vehicle
  32. Schedule to be a tutor for a student or a school
  33. Use your career expertise to help someone
  34. Help neighbors paint and repair their homes
  35. Help fix a run-down playground
  36. Create a craft project like build a birdhouse with a child
  37. Mentor a child or adult
  38. Acknowledge someone who has been influential  in your life with a note or letter
  39. Donate your time to a public school
  40. Donate some of the good stuff in your closet
  41. Go forgive someone and do a favor for someone who’s wronged you in the past
  42. Give someone your car for the day
  43. Clean someone’s house
  44. Show off your city by driving people around and sharing great places to visit
  45. Cook a nice meal for a friend
  46. Babysit for free
  47. Have a clean-up party in a local park
  48. Teach a skill to someone who wants to learn
  49. Decorate a Kindness Rock and give it away
  50. Make a phone call to a friend and tell him or her you care
  51. Frame a meaningful photo and give it to a friend or family member
  52. Pick up liter in a local parking garage
  53. E-mail a friend a list of things you love about him or her
  54. Read a book to a child before bed
  55. Offer to take out and bring in the garbage weekly for a neighbor who can’t easily do it
  56. Relieve a caregiver for an afternoon
  57. Create a t-shirt design (free of charge) for groups taking part in good causes
  58. Invite the less fortunate for Thanksgiving dinner
  59. Give a dozen hot doughnuts to a cold crew working on power lines
  60. Donate blood
  61. Donate old eyeglasses to an organization that recycles them for the needy
  62. Help an unemployed person compose a resume
  63. Work a concession stand to raise money for a good cause
  64. Volunteer at a shelter or food bank
  65. On garbage day, bring in everyone’s trash cans back to their house
  66. Quilt blankets for newborn babies
  67. Make homemade dog treats and take to a local animal shelter
  68. Shovel someone’s walkway
  69. Wipe snow off people’s cars
  70. Sing carols to your neighbors or a nursing home
  71. Ring Salvation Army bells
  72. Pump people’s gasoline so they don’t have to get out of their car

With Money – A Little or a Lot

  1. Deliver a Christmas tree to a family in need or take one to a nursing home facility
  2. Give free car washes
  3. Take crayons and coloring books to the waiting rooms in hospitals
  4. Collect unused make-up, perfume and other cosmetics for a center for abused women
  5. Pay for someone’s coffee, donut, lunch or dinner
  6. Tape candy canes to ATM machines around town
  7. Donate stockings with treats, candy and crafts inside
  8. Slip paper hearts that say “It’s Random Acts of Kindness Week! Have a great day!” under the windshield wipers of parked cars with a dollar bill attached.
  9. Put change in someone’s parking meter
  10. Drop baby supplies off at a crisis pregnancy center or shelter
  11. Adopt a solider at
  12. Buy an extra sandwich at lunch and give it to someone on the street who is hungry
  13. Take “Get Well Soon” balloons to the hospital for nurses to give to those in need
  14. Give stuffed animals to ambulance drivers to give to children
  15. Give a lottery ticket to a stranger
  16. Hand out Tootsie Pops to children (with their parent’s permission!)
  17. Buy a stranger a free pizza
  18. Treat a police officer to a cup of coffee
  19. Pack zip lock care packages for the Salvation Army filled with toothbrushes, deodorant, etc.
  20. Drop coins on the playground for children to find while they played
  21. Leave small flower vases on doorsteps of strangers
  22. Pay for people to ride the bus
  23. Pay past due library fees for people
  24. Give a pair of tickets to a baseball game or concert to a stranger
  25. Buy local newspapers and give them away to strangers at a coffee shop or shopping mall
  26. Put together a salon kit with nail polish, glitter, lotions for young girls at hospital
  27. Adopt a Salvation Army angel or pick up a food angel at your local grocery store to provide a Christmas meal to a family in need
  28. Give homeless people who stand at the corner food gift cards
  29. Tape quarters to a pop machine for people to enjoy a cold beverage for free
  30. Take a caregiver to lunch
  31. Hand out balloons to passersby
  32. Give away grocery store gift cards at bus stops or Laundromats
  33. Leave dollar bills around a dollar store or toy store
  34. Give away a new basketball to a kid on the playground
  35. Slip a $20 bill to someone with financial difficulty
  36. Buy a chocolate bar and share half with someone else
  37. Drop off a backpack filled will goodies/essentials to a homeless person
  38. Provide hats, gloves or socks to homeless people or a shelter
  39. Pay for the meal behind you in the drive-through
  40. Donate to a cause you care about
  41. Pledge a donation for people participating in marathon runs
  42. Leave a huge tip next time you go out to dinner
  43. Give a dozen hot doughnuts to a cold crew working on power lines
  44. Send flowers to someone just because
  45. Buy the movie tickets for the person behind you
  46. Give a massage appointment to someone who could use it
  47. Pledge a donation for people participating in marathon runs
  48. Donate turkey(s) and food at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.
  49. Run or walk  in a charity race with friends
  50. Throw an appreciation party for your co-worker, neighbors or people who have helped you in your success.
  51. Tape $10 gift cards to the back of the dressing room doors in Goodwill stores
  52. Give away 9 volt batteries for smoke detectors
  53. Pay someone’s mortgage for a month — or a year for that matter
  54. Search out someone who may need some real financial assistance. Maybe someone who had their lights turned off because they could not pay the bill. You could be the light they need.
  55. Help a student with their tuition
  56. Send someone you love on a dream vacation

Do you have other ideas you’d like to share with us? We would love to hear your ideas on ways you give back. Please visit the stories tab at the top and let us know what you do to pass kindness forward.