The Y-PIFAward

There are many young people making a positive contribution in their communities and school.  

Let’s make a difference for them. Nominate a young person who is Passing Kindness Forward for the annual Y-PIF™ Award.  

The next ePIFanyNow™/Y-PIF™ event is scheduled for Sunday, May 5, 2019 from 1:00p.m. to 3:00p.m.


Who We Honor

The ePIFanyNow™ Y-PIF™ Award honors youth who are passing kindness forward and making a difference in their communities. We are looking for youth in grades K through 12 who have used their time, talents, and treasures to benefit and enhance the lives of others.

2018 Y-PIF™ winner Kanin Thelen

Since 2012, ePIFanyNow™ has presented the Y-PIF™ award to youth Passing Kindness Forward. Below are just a few of the award recipients and nominees.

Skylar Medes

Skylar Medes

Skylar’s family has been fostering children for years. Her project, “Suitcases for Kids,” collects clothes & supplies for foster kids who often arrive with nothing.

Rachel Kilmer

Rachel Kilmer

Rachel has been a teen volunteer at the Capital Area Humane Society for four years. A tireless volunteer, Rachel has been a role model to peers and youngsters, alike.

Jeremie Bordua

Jeremie Bordua

Jeremie gained national attention for thank-you party for police officers, whom he felt were unduly criticized in the media. 

Sebastian Williams

Sebastian Williams

Sebastian had participated in the "Lansing Walk to End Alzheimers" for several years - before deciding to organize the first-ever kid-only walk. 

Isabelle Wynn & Zoe Ziegler

Isabelle Wynn & Zoe Zielger

Isabelle & Zoe organized a 5k - and raised over $1k - for the "Life as a Zebra Foundation," bringing awareness those who suffer with incurable, invisible illnesses .

Rachel Munzenberg

Rachel Munzenberg

Rachel and her friends raised thousands of dollars for a younger neighbor with Dystonia, a rare neuro-muscular disorder.

Nominate A Deserving Youth Today

All around us kids are making a difference, whether it is in their community or school. Please take a moment to honor a child you know who is Passing Kindness Forward and nominate them for a Y-PIF™ Award! 

Have an ePIFany!

Learn more about how to get involved in ePIFanyNow™ and further the cause of kindness in your community!


Clint, Carrie and Brady Hawks

Seeing Bob's original vision for ePIFanyNow™ evolve into what it's become over the last 10 years is amazing. We're honored to be part of it every year. Now that the YPIF™ Award has been added, it's a new dimension of his vision, and is a valuable and necessary way to recognize the good our kids are doing. Keep up the good work!

Kris Tennant and the Webberville Varsity Girls Basketball Team

This event inspired another similar opportunity for our team as they recognized the value of kindness and warm expressions of appreciation...Thank you for your inspiration!

Lee Klekotka

We came home today and my neighbor told us that some people left a lot of groceries (close to $200 worth if I had to guess) for our family. To those who did this for my family, thank you so much. The food will definately bless our family for several weeks.

Tell Your Story!

Have you seen someone in your community make a difference? Witness an act of kindness get passed forward? Share the story here. (And if it involves a youth in grades K-12, be sure to nominate them for a YPIF Award!)

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